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Protecting what matters most since 2007 – Detective Homes Mitigation LTD – We have installed hundreds of thousands of radon mitigation systems in Ohio. We are committed to protecting you from radon exposure in your homes.

We are proud to be a local business that’s not only working but also committed towards the health of the community – as a whole. Our devotion to assist property owners in protecting themselves is unrivalled, especially when it comes to protection against the risks posed by radon gas.

Not only this, we love meeting promises, which is why, we as a company lay significant important to radon mitigation system maintenance, installation and mitigation. Don’t take a chance with the health of your family – let us handle your radon issues. We truly believe that taking care of radon gas will overshadow the costs and problems associated with radon gas’s health conditions. 

Breathe Easy With Detective Homes Mitigation LTD - Your Health Is Our Top Priority!

Why Detective Homes Mitigation LTD

Don’t put off something as serious as a radon problem. The consequences can outweigh the costs – so choose Detective Homes Mitigation LTD. Our specialists offer professional radon mitigation system for homes – we’re here to assist you in restoring your home back to normal.

Lung cancer risk can rise with radon gas exposure over an extended period of time. The EPA estimates that 21,000 Americans each year pass away from lung cancer linked to radon. You might be surprised to find that radon is the country’s second-leading cause of lung cancer.

So say good bye to radon and hello to Detective Homes Mitigation LTD!

Locally operating for over 15 years, we are familiar with the challenges our customers face and deliver straightforward yet effective radon gas mitigation solutions. Whether you are in need of radon mitigation system installation or radon mitigation system maintenance – no matter it involves repairing – Detective Homes Mitigation LTD is at your service. Eliminating unpleasant surprises, hidden costs, lengthy delays, damage, and mess is our forte when it comes to delivering professional radon mitigation services. We keep work areas clean, neat, and organized, and provide convenient and affordable radon reduction services.

Radon Gas Remediation - Making Your Home Safer One Breath At A Time

A Little Back Story Behind Detective Homes Mitigation LTD Owner – (Name)

I, being passionate about helping others live a healthy live – appreciate working in the radon sector as it allows me to improve my client’s overall wellbeing.

Knowing that I am behind and contributing towards prevention of developing lung cancer – gives me great satisfaction. I like using my hands to create things and especially when it comes to radon mitigation system installation – my creativity is on next level. Hiding the pipe and making radon systems visually appealing is what makes my radon reduction services impeccable.

After working with Al Perry for three years, I took over the business from the previous owner. The prior owner shared my values for excellent customer service and quality workmanship.

I purchased the company back in 2008, and since then, we have continued to show excellence and move forward one step at a time. Proud of my heritage of customer satisfaction, I personally overview every customer and ensure they have a seamless yet enjoyable time.

Treating customers the way I want to be treated when someone enters my home is the essence of my reason to takeover this company. Customer satisfaction and quality work is my top priority.


To improve the air quality in homes by installing Quality Radon Mitigation Systems and reducing the risk of lung cancer.

Cost Of Radon Mitigation System

Wondering what is the cost of radon mitigation system and what factors impacts its price? Well, the cost of radon mitigation system varies according to the home’s design, size, foundation, construction materials, and the local climate.

The best radon mitigation system generally cost a thousand or more, depending on house and market conditions. On the contrary, the fan comes with warranties which are typically 5 years having life spans from 10-15 years.

Part of the radon mitigation cost depends on the material required to conceal the system and maintain the aesthetic value of your property. For instance, a retrofit system routed outside the home can effectively reduce radon, but it might not be as aesthetically pleasing.

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