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Radon gas exposure is the number cause of lung cancer among Americans, which is why the American Lung Association, EPA and the Surgeon General recommends testing of all homes, especially below the third floor.

Confused about how to choose a radon mitigation system for your home that will keep your loved ones safe? Don’t worry, Detective Homes Mitigation LTD has got you covered.

Radon Gas – The Troublesome Areas

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Radon Testing

The only way to truly tell that you have radon exposure in your home is through radon testing. I will assess your building to determine the best radon gas mitigation techniques to reduce levels to safe levels.

Testing your home for radon levels will give you peace of mind and potentially alert you to any harmful gas lingering in the air. Contact us to find out how to get a radon test and what to do if the results show that your house has high amounts of radon gas.

As an individual and a concerned homeowner, you can either purchase a radon test set from a hardware or a home improvement store. Or you can choose to hire professional radon mitigation services like ours.

Detective Homes Mitigation LTD offers a variety of high quality radon testing that comes with Sun Nuclear Continuous Radon Testing devices. All monitors are regulated, checked, and tested, ensuring quality operation.

Currently, we offer the LUFT testing device, which measures Radon, Chemicals, Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity on your property.

Your Home, Your Haven. Keep It Radon-Free!

Radon Mitigation

When radon gas levels are elevated, we offer effective radon gas mitigation solutions to bring them down to safe levels. The best way to deal with radon gas is to suction it out of the lowest level and dump it outside or pressurize your lowest level, so it never enters your home in the first place.

Don’t worry, Detective Homes Mitigation LTD is a trained technician that recommends the best radon mitigation system for homes, ensuring the safety of your house.

There are a few methods that are included in practically all radon mitigation procedures, including:

Sub Slab Depressurization (SSD)

Many homes in the United States include a “Sub Slab Depressurization” system, which in fact, comprises a PVC pipe and a fan. These two work together to pull air from beneath the basement floor. Then, it releases it out of the home through the roof. A vacuum is created by the radon fan under the basement floor of your home. This is where it seals your property by stopping radon gas from entering, especially when the fan is running. This option for radon mitigation is highly common.

Sub Membrane Depressurization (SMD)

A dirt crawlspace is used to install the sub membrane depressurization system. Typically, a special plastic will be used to cover the dirt crawlspace floor and is sealed to the outer walls. The SSD system's pipe is then fitted with a tee. The piping will enter the crawl space before passing through the plastic floor covering. Air is drawn from beneath the covering of the floor while the fan is operating. This radon mitigation procedure is less trustworthy than others. Sump crocks, holes, and significant cracks in the basement floor will be sealed to improve system operation.

Drain Tile Depressurization (DTD)

Another popular technique for lowering radon levels in homes is drain tile depressurization. Drain Tile Depressurization (DTD) - This kind of radon mitigation system lowers the amount of radon gas in the house by using the foundation drain lines that were installed when the concrete floor was being built. The amount of radon in the house will be critically reduced by drawing air from the foundation drain pipes, which are typically extended around the whole perimeter of the house. In order to enhance the performance of the system, it is crucial to seal sump crock openings as well as any other holes in the floor. This will maximize the operation of the system.

Elevate Your Health With Radon-Free Living

Radon Mitigation System Installation

Each radon system is specially designed to ensure proper operation and lower radon gas levels without compromising on the house’s aesthetic appeal. Our process begins with a physical inspection of your house, structure, and floor. Having keen eyes for details, we look for every nook or crack – the troubled entry points – which could allow radon gas to enter. The system’s placement can then be determined to guarantee improved performance and effective radon reduction in the house.

Now comes the most important step – radon mitigation system installation – creating proper ventilation.  Our radon mitigation system for homes makes it simple for the radioactive gas to escape from your house. After being released into the open air, the high radon gas concentration reacts with the air and is diluted to a safe level.

Our radon mitigation system installation is tailored for your home based on factors such as considering radon levels, home structure, foundation type, age of the house, and square footage. These systems are designed to effectively and efficiently remove radon gas from your home – ultimately exceeding your expectations when it comes to radon mitigation system efficiency.

Radon System Repair

Not sure whether your installed radon reduction system is operating properly? Is your radon mitigation system efficiency meeting State criteria? Don’t have a clue about radon mitigation system maintenance?

I have years of experience in radon mitigation system installation that ensures your home is safe and healthy.  The simplest and most effective way to completely validate that your systems are working to their full potential is through diagnostic reviews.

No matter its radon system upgrades or repairs – fan replacement to sump lid repairs – we’ve got you covered. Radon is not something you want in your home, particularly at elevated levels. It is naturally occurring, meaning it is impossible to completely get rid of. So the best option is to lower your levels by taking care of your radon reduction systems.

Safe, Effective, And Affordable Radon Solutions

Radon Monitoring

Everyone deserves to live in a home that is safe and healthy. Unfortunately, there exists a colorless, odorless, and radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer and other serious ailments. In fact, without testing, it’s impossible to know if your home contains dangerously high levels of radon, exposing your family to significant health risks.

It’s crucial to figure out where radon enters the house because it can do so in a number of different ways. By honing in on the exposure factor, one can identify the problem and begin the radon monitoring, management, and mitigation processes.

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